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 Important - Please read first.

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Big Boss (but fluffy with it)
Big Boss (but fluffy with it)

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PostSubject: Important - Please read first.   Sat 08 Aug 2009, 15:55

As some of you may be aware, recently there has been some disharmony.
This is not a site that is in direct competition with PF, far from it.
It is somewhere for Hermes couriers to express their opinions, share information and above all have a laugh.

Normal forum rules apply here with the addition of a few of my own.

Taking the piss IS allowed here, nothing I like better than taking the piss and having the piss taken out of me.
If you think you can beat me at taking the piss, bring it on!
Malicious attacks, however, will not make me a happy bunny - if you must play silly school games then please do it in private via the PM facility.

Swear if you want to but please bear in mind that this is an open forum, to that end please disguise any swear words as there are kids and adults with no sense of humour in the world.

The most important thing to remember to do is enjoy yourselves while you are here.

Although I have the power to permanantly bar members at my own discretion I hope that I will never have to use that power.

Anyone with any questions or criticisms can PM or one of the moderators at any time and we will always answer as soon as we can, our door is always open.
The same goes for any concerns that you have about posts/contents thereof or any users/their 'activities'.

We are here to help each other, if we all remember that then we are already half way there

End of lecture, I very much hope that none of this will be mentioned by me ever again.
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Important - Please read first.
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